By: Lexi Wilch

Mrs. Wilson, the high school librarian, is excited that book club is starting again this year. Starting on September 28th, 2016, book club will start meeting two or three times a month during lunch.

Junior High will meet during 4B and high school with meet during 4A. Each student is encouraged to talk about the current book they are reading and hear about what others are reading to see if they would be interested as well.

Book club member Lacey Isenbarger, a junior that has been in book club since her eighth grade year, said, “I like being in book club because it is a way to talk about books freely and find out what everyone else is reading and their opinions on the book.”

During book club there will be games about literature and you get to hang out with friends. Also, members help make plans for Teen Read Week and have fun! Anyone can go to book club, and everyone is encouraged to bring a friend with them.