By: Cassie Miller

Hardin Northern’s new principal, Mr. Andrew Cano, has brought a completely new set of standards with him. Mr. Cano is not a new face at Hardin Northern, as he was previously a history teacher for many years. He has earned the respect of many people in the district including students, parents, and many community members.

Respect is one of Mr. Cano’s main concerns for the school year. He said, “I do not think that there needs to be a lot of change at Hardin Northern. What I do believe is that there needs to be a re-emphasis on respect, discipline, effort, achievement, and school pride.” Mr. Cano always recognizes various teams during lunch that will be competing over the weekend and always congratulates the teams on their wins. This shows a sense of school pride that the students will hopefully learn to adopt as well.

Mr. Cano has a great outlook on the upcoming school year that can hopefully achieve these ideas. The new principal is an advocate for positive change anywhere possible. He believes that a good attitude and effort is all it takes to make a positive change around the school.

For example, during homeroom, students will be writing essays to improve their writing skills instead of the period being a wasted time. Even though most students would rather use it as a social time, these skills will eventually be more useful for us.

Hopefully, his new perspective will bring students together as one amazing student body.