By: Shelby Alloway

Students at Hardin Northern have been taking college preparation very seriously. HN has 52 students taking 69 classes through three different colleges this semester. If you know anything about HN you know that it is a very small school, so having 52 students involved is quite the accomplishment.

College Credit Plus (CCP) is a program that helps students earn college and high school credits at the same time. It is a great way to knock off college hours as a high school student by earning college credits, and for free may I add! “I cannot believe that students have the opportunity to graduate high school with enough credits to be considered a college SOPHOMORE!” Kasey Sanecki, one of the two high school English teachers at HN said. The students at HN are also loving the courses. “CCP is an awesome way for students to gain college credit and get more accustomed to the college atmosphere without costing a dime!” Garrett Eikenbary, an HN senior said.

For any parents out there, I would definitely push your teenager(s) to take a College Credit Plus course if your child is planning on attending college. It will not only boost your kid’s confidence towards college classes, but also earn college credits for free without ever leaving their high school!