By: Morgan Pauley

This year Hardin Northern High School got a new history teacher after Andrew Cano became the new high school principal. Joe Foster accepted the job. He is getting comfortable in the new environment and is hopeful for this year. Mr. Foster said, “It has gone really well. I felt like an alien last week. I knew nobody’s names and the schedule seemed so odd to me. But I felt welcomed by everybody and am starting to get into the routine now. It will be my second home before I know it.”

Students have reacted to Mr. Foster positively. Ashton Dye said, “He’s different and has different teaching styles than others, which is kind of hard to learn off of, but other than that he seems like he knows what he’s talking about and is a very reasonable person.” Mr. Foster likes to do a lot of notes and wants his students to write journals, but he is a good teacher. Danielle Miller said, “He’s super funny and easy to learn from.” It will also take time to get used to the new teacher and style, but I believe once everyone is warmed up it will be a great year.

Before this year when he came to Hardin Northern, he taught at a similar school called Waynesfield Goshen. People might wonder why Mr. Foster would transfer from Waynesfield Goshen to Hardin Northern and he said, “I chose Hardin Northern because I wanted to be closer to my home and still teach at a small rural school. I grew up in a school not that different from Hardin Northern and where I taught at Waynesfield. Plus, you have the most awesome school colors.”

Mr. Foster teaches American History, World History, and Government. If you are planning to be in any of these classes, prepare for a funny and interactive teacher that wants you to succeed.