By: Shelby Alloway

The very second Michael Kindle (a new Junior student) stepped into Hardin Northern, Tait Prichard (a fellow Junior classmate) took it upon himself to make Michael feel VERY welcome. Tait has sat with Michael at lunch, gave him a “friendship” bracelet and even calls him his best friend. “Michael and I are best friends and he will tell you that!” Tait said with an exceptional amount of enthusiasm.

It seems as though Michael has a different opinion of Tait. Michael has taken to rolling his eyes whenever in Tait’s presence, telling him to go away and the occasional “get up and leave” trick. “We are not even best friends. I’m not even getting into it,” Michael said with more than a hint of annoyance in his demeanor.

The pair do not have classes together so their “friendship” will be very complicated. I’m beginning to think Michael and Tait are not the best of friends. Who knows? Maybe it’s just a phase.