By: Lexi Wilch

The lunch line has greatly improved compared to last year. Our new principal, Mr. Cano, has organized the line from seniors to freshmen in order of seniority. This makes the lunch line move quicker than ever before.

The lunch line changing is big news because it affects every high school student, not just one class.

One senior, Danielle Miller, said, “Being a senior definitely has its perks and getting to go first in the lunch line is one of the nicest things because you don’t have to worry about the younger kids trying to cut you.”

On the other side of things, a freshman, Cassidy Lamb, said, “It’s okay, but it kind of sucks because we have less time to eat.”

The lunch line change has really helped to organize the flow of traffic at lunch time. Also, it makes the wait shorter. Hopefully everyone continues to obey the line order and don’t try to cut into other class’s lines.