Currently in Art III students are working on a mixed media painting revolving around a

social or political issue of their choosing. Possible topics included: Abortion, capital

punishment, global warming, domestic violence, bullying, depression, suicide, war and

poverty. In the lesson students were introduced to artists who are considered controversial

because of the issues they choose to use as their subject matter. The goal of the lesson is

to understand why artists choose certain subject matter  and why they choose certain media.

Students research their topic, looking at both viewpoints and are asked to defend their choices

on why they chose the topic they did. Once the artwork is complete, students will conduct

a critique on their artwork and the artwork of their classmates. Lastly, students will choose

a work of art by an artist who creates controversial art and do a critique on it.

The next project Art III will do will be to create an a wire and plaster head sculpture. This

project should be a nice change for the students before they break for Christmas.