Notice the difference in these 2 eyes? Although both good drawings, one has that extra umph needed to┬áreally make it pop. That umph comes from the strong contrast in values that the artist used! As with anything you would like to be good at, practice is the key. Whether it is sports, academics, playing an instrument, dancing or drawing, you simply cannot reach your full potential without exercising and refining skills. A lot of times, that means you have to do work/practice outside of your school/practice/work day. But if being good at something is your goal, the extra effort will eventually pay off. So, to all of my future artists out there, PRACTICE!!! Do not wait to be told to draw or paint, just do it! Begin with simple tasks and move slowly towards things that are more difficult. Focus on details, light and shadows and don’t be afraid of contrast! Think of it this way, if you want to be noticed, often times you have to do something to stand out, right? Well it’s no different for objects on a piece of paper or canvas. Contrasting colors and shapes will make objects jump off of the page. Try it!