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Art by Senior Selena McCoy

“I really enjoy art. Art is a class where you can really incorporate your own ideas and creativity. I feel like I have gotten a lot better at art over the four and a half years that I have taken it and I can thank Mrs. Cano for that. She has helped me change and has allowed me to see a new perspective in art by forcing me to do it for myself and make it my own. She always gives me suggestions on what to add, change, or fix and that makes me see that I could have done more to enhance the art myself. The three pieces of art that are featured are probably my favorites of this year. The Lady in Red would be my most favorite because it looks really good and the picture that I chose was perfect for the project. I used pencil and colored pencil on that project. My project of the transformation of the eye to the fish was my next favorite. I liked this project because of the color. The colors are very bright and vibrant, they are made from watercolor and watercolor pencil. The last piece is my least favorite because I don’t like drawing myself but Mrs. Cano helped me make the person drawn on the paper look more like me. I used pencil for the main and watercolor for the background. I would have to say that my senior year of art has been my most successful year of art.”


Wall Murals

I would like to thank the administration and the Board of Education for approving the Art 3 and Art 4 wall mural proposal. The students have begun working and are very excited to be a part of this new tradition. Current projects include sports silhouettes in the high school locker room hallway, a sign above the music and science room doors, silhouettes of a marching band member and a choir member singing/playing the fight song, a polar bear is being painted on the pole vault pit, a quote in the library, and there will be a quote and a flower above and around the art room display case. Art 4 students will also be able to purchase a brick in the senior hallway to decorate. We hope to add new life to the school and to create murals that students, teachers, administration and community members are proud of.

Vans Custom Culture Shoe Design Contest

Unique Sakda, Morgan Pauley, Hannah Flowers, Gabby Weaver, Aby Russler and Nicolette O’Brien work on decorating Vans shoes that were sent to us as part of a contest. Each student in Art 1 and 2 created a shoe design and the winning designs are now being put into reality. Designs were based on 4 categories: Local Flavor, Individual Action Sports, Music and Art. Great work kids!

Rain Barrel Decorating Contest 2017

Congratulations goes out to the Hardin Northern Art 3 and 4 classes for their outstanding work on the rain barrels they entered in the 2017 Blanchard River Watershed Partnership Rain Barrel Decorating Contest. Hardin County schools entered a total of 24 rain barrels in 3 different categories: Agriculture, General and Watershed. Of the 6 barrels Hardin Northern entered into the contest, 5 barrels won money for the art department. All together $275 in prize money was earned. Way to go Bears!

Hand-built Teapots





I am always searching for new things to create with clay and this year I came across a fantastic lesson…hand-built ceramic teapots. My students loved this project. With one goal in mind, each student was able to fulfill the assignment successfully in a different way. Each student had a unique idea of what their teapot would look like. In this photo you can  see how three students approached the assignment and completed it with success. I am so proud of their creativity and willingness to step up to a challenge. 

100MEDIA_IMAG0501 (1)

Packing Tape People

Art IV students just completed their packing tape people and they turned out great! For this assignment students wrapped themselves piece by piece with saran wrap and packing tape and had the option to leave their figures “blank” or they could fill them with paint, newspaper, magazines or confetti. The purpose of the assignment was to create an installation of people doing every day things. In this picture you can see a girl riding a scooter, a cheerleader making a motion, and a boy getting ready to box. This was a fun project for my students and a nice filler project in between ceramics and their final portfolio assignment. Great work kids!




Notice the difference in these 2 eyes? Although both good drawings, one has that extra umph needed to really make it pop. That umph comes from the strong contrast in values that the artist used! As with anything you would like to be good at, practice is the key. Whether it is sports, academics, playing an instrument, dancing or drawing, you simply cannot reach your full potential without exercising and refining skills. A lot of times, that means you have to do work/practice outside of your school/practice/work day. But if being good at something is your goal, the extra effort will eventually pay off. So, to all of my future artists out there, PRACTICE!!! Do not wait to be told to draw or paint, just do it! Begin with simple tasks and move slowly towards things that are more difficult. Focus on details, light and shadows and don’t be afraid of contrast! Think of it this way, if you want to be noticed, often times you have to do something to stand out, right? Well it’s no different for objects on a piece of paper or canvas. Contrasting colors and shapes will make objects jump off of the page. Try it!

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