Hardin Northern District Leadership Team

The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP):

Toward a Unified State System of Support

Ohio is committed to the implementation of a unified state system of support directly focused on improving the academic achievement of all students and student groups. The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) is Ohio’s strategy for ensuring a systematic and coherent approach for building the capacity of all districts and schools in meaningful and real ways that allow districts to improve instructional practice on a district-wide basis, and make and sustain significant improvement in student performance against grade-level benchmarks aligned with academic content standards for all students across the district.

Inherent in the OIP is the belief that:

• Improvement is everyone’s responsibility – at all levels of the district and in all districts, but especially those in corrective action or improvement status;

• Leadership – the purpose of which is the improvement of instructional practice and performance, regardless of role – is a critical component of the OIP and must be addressed in more meaningful ways to ensure scalability and sustainability of improvement efforts on a district-wide basis;

• State-developed products and tools, including professional development, need to be designed for universal accessibility and applicability to/for every district in the state; and

• A unified state system of support requires the intentional use of a consistent set of tools and protocols by all state-supported regional providers, rather than allowing for multiple approaches across the state, based on preference.

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