News from the HN Guidance Office
“The Mission of the Hardin Northern guidance office is to: encourage high academic performance; assist students in developing career goals; provide information on college preparation and enrollment; track student progress toward graduation; and assist students and parents in overcoming personal, school, and social problems.”

Last updated March 23, 2015

A new resource being offered by the guidance department is a text/email list serve.  If you wish to receive updates by text, text @ee5 to 909-256-0421 and to receive the updates by email, email

To enroll a new student in grades 7-12, please call Mr. Wilson and set up an appointment between now and August 20 or to enroll a new student in grades K-6 call Mrs. Delong. Phone number is 419-759-2331. You will need original copies of the students birth certificate, social security card, shot records, custody papers and proof of residence in our district or open enrollment forms.

To Nominate an alumni for the Hardin Northern Hall of Distinction, click this link, fill out the form, and submit it (all done electronically).


Ohio Career Information System
ASVAB Prep Site
Career Selection
Colleges Listings
Peterson's Guide to Colleges/Universities
College Net
College Searches
Course Applicability System (CAS)
College Basics
Ohio 4 year Public Colleges
Info for On-Line Colleges
Ohio 2 year Public Colleges
Ohio 4 year Private Colleges
FastWEB Financial Aid/ Scholarships
Yahoo Financial Aid Search
Financial Aid Info. Page
Ohio Board of Regents
Financial Aid Tutorial
Student Lending Works
Progress Book

NCAA Clearinghouse

Click here for a list of scholarships available in the guidance office. Updated  3/23/15

Click here for a copy of the Hardin Northern Community Scholarship in a PDF that you type directly into.

Click here for a writable copy of the Norma Dirmeyer Bibler Scholarship application for HN students planning to attend the U. of Findlay.

Click here for a writable copy of the Polar Bear Scholarship application.

Click Here for a copy of the Hardin County Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship application. Applictions must be typed and this file will allow you to do so. NOTE eligible students include any student attending a Hardin County School (Hardin Northern, Kenton, Ada, USV, and Ridgemont) or resides in Hardin County (Riverdale, Elgin, and Ben Logan students).

Click here for a copy of the HN community scholarship receipient letter. Explains how to claim the class of 2014 scholarhsips.

***Click here for a list of the new graduation requirments, a description of the Next Generation of Assessments, and the schedule for the those tests.***

Click here for a copy of the Elks Teen of the YEAR Application.

Interested in Donating to the Hardin Northern Scholarship Foundation? Click here for more information.

Click here for a copy of the Powerpoint used with the seniors to discuss College applications.

  click here for a list of Ohio Colleges

Click here for a College preparation timeline, starting in the 8th grade!

Questions or to request a transcript (if requesting transcript, please include maiden name, year graduated, and address you want transcript sent to)
Mr. Wilson

NOTE: Summer Transcript Requests should go to Teressa Wilson at extension 1207 or email at


Upcoming   Events:

March 20 All course requests for 2015-16 school year due
March 20 End of 3rd nine weeks
March 23 OGT makeups
March 25 Youth Leadership

Scheduling for 2015-16

Click here for a graduation check sheet

Click here for a copy of the 2014-15 High School Course Description Booklet and the HS Request Sheet

Click here for a copy of the 2015-16 8th grade course request sheet (for this year's 7th graders)

Click here for a copy of the 2015-16 7th grade course request sheet. (for this year's 6th graders)

Master Schedule for 2015-16 will be posted here ASAP.

a copy of the Request for Schedule change sheetwill be posted here ASAP. Can only submit one time and must be done before June 5

Students will receive their scheduling materials the week of March 9 and requests are due by March 20.


2014-15 scheduling information

Click here for a copy of the 2014-15 High School Course Description Booklet and the HS Request Sheet

Click here for a copy of the 2013-14 Master Schedule

Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid season is coming up quickly and I wanted to list some resources here.  First of all, I reviewed this information with the seniors just before Christmas break.   Dates to remember:
January 1- FAFSA can be filed as soon as you have your taxes complete.  NOTE: you can file FAFSA with estimated tax return information but will have to re-file as soon as your tax return is final. 

February 15-March 1- Most colleges set a deadline in this range for when FAFSA must be filed to be eligible for financial aid from the university or college.

Cover Letter: download this first as it contains a summary of all links below. This was give to seniors in a hard copy form.
1. Funding Your Education Booklet: Seniors were given a hard copy.
2.Invitation Letter: Several key pieces of information and an invitation to several opportunities for help and information.
3.HN Powerpoint: Seniors have seen this. General information on Financial Aid.
4.Powerpoint give to Counselors: good summary and 2nd PPT
5.Documents Needed to file FAFSA- Basic List
6.Financial Aid Check List
7.FAFSA on the Web Worksheet
8.who are considered parents for FAFSA?
9.Federal Loan Information
10.FAFSA frequently asked questions
11.Federal Aid Programs
12.Find the Information you Need online
13.Summary of Ohio Financial Aid Programs
14.Financial Aid Glossary
15.Common Abbreviations in Financial Aid
16.Ohio College Deadlines for filing FAFSA
17.Financial Aid Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Websites
18.Scholarship Search Strategies
19.Financial Aid Consultants and Scholarship Search Services Fact Sheet
20.Fast Web Scholarship Search

21.College Goal Sunday flyer- Great Place to get FAFSA help!
22. Scholarship applications available at Hardin Northern are listed on the left side of this web site!
23.College Cost Comparison Sheet links you to the online filing system for FAFSA.  Remember, you can't file until after January 1, 2013.  All filers are encouraged to use the on-line application process but if you need a hard copy, you can down load it at 

The Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators web site is full of good information, and so is the Federal Governments financial aid website, 

You can find great tutorials on Youtube on how to fill out the FAFSA!

There will be a parent information meeting on January 21 at 7 pm in the new computer lab to discuss the basics of Financial aid. We will follow this meeting (7:45 pm) with an information meeting on Post Secondary Options and Dual Credit (college credit while still in high school)

Parent Information Nights

There was a Parent Information night on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 in the new computer lab at 6:30 pm. Information covered included college selection, career selection, collage applications, and scholarships. Click here for the PowerPoint.

There is a Financial Aid information meeting scheduled at the Kenton HS cafeteria on January 28 at 6:30 pm. See Financial Information above.

A CCP meeting has been scheduled for March 10 at 7 pm for any parents or students interested in CCP. The meeting will be held in the new computer lab.

Click here for a powerpoint about CCP

College Credit Plus (CCP)

Ohio has revamped the PSEO and Dual Credit system and is now calling it CCP. Little has changed from a student/parent perspective. To save confusion, Hardin Northern will still refer to the courses being offered here at HN as Dual credit. Hardin Northern has 6 high school teachers that are adjunct professors for a local university and teaching courses here at Hardin Northern that are for high school AND college credit. These courses are:

HN course title College course title College credits
Chemistry U. of Findlay CHEM 111 4 semester hours
Natural Recources III U. of Findlay ESOH 100 3 semester hours
Calculus U. of Findlay MATH 141 4 semester hours
Spanish IV U. of Findlay SPAN 220 3 semester hours
Ag III U. of Findlay ANSC 131 3 semester hours
Written Communications U. of Urbana ENG 102 and ENG 106 6 semester hours
Graphic Design Rhodes CPT 1580 3 semester hours
3D Animation Rhodes CPT 2770 3 semester hours
Web Page I Rhodes CPT 1850 3 semester hours
  Total hours offered at HN 32 semester hours

To take these courses, a student must register for the Hardin Northern course (must meet the prerequisites for the course). There is no cost to the student/parent unless the student fails the course. Student must meet the Universiy's enrollment criteria.

Students interested in pursuing a degree in technology would be best served by taking Written communications (6 semester hours), Graphic Design (3 semester hours), 3D Animation (3 semester hours), and Web Page I (3 semester hours) for a total of 15 sememster hours toward a degree in technology.

Students interested in pursuing a degree in the sciences would be best served by taking Written Communications (6 semester hours), NR III (3 semester hours), Ag III (3 semester hours), Chemistry (4 semester hours), and Calculus (4 semester hours) for a total of 20 semester hours toward a science degree.

In addition, as always, students can go TO the college campus and take courses there (large variety of possibilities). This was called Post Secondary Option in the past but is now called CCP. To participate in CCP, students/parents must fill out paper work by March 30 and submit to Hardin Northern for approval. Once approved, students must then apply to the univeristy of their choice for admittance. See Mr. Wilson for more details.

A CCP meeting is scheduled on March 10 for any parents or students interested in CCP.

Click here for the information form and HN registration form for CCP.

Colleges Visiting HN

September 15 Ohio State
September 16 Bluffton
September 23 Cincinnati
September 29 Heidelberg
October 2 Findlay
October 10 Rhodes
October 13 BG
October 20 GROB
October 22 Owens
October 29 Defiance College

Testing Schedule and Information

The next test offering at HN will be the week of October 28 for juniors and seniors that have not passed all five tests. 10th graders will take the test for the first time in March. 

OGT information and help can be found by clicking here
or practice test and past OGT tests with answer keys click here
Students that still have tests to pass after the Spring administration can take the OGT in the Summer at Apollo. Cost is $20 per test. Registration is due to Apollo by June 6th. Call Dave Hochstetler at 419-998-2977 for details.

ACT Test Date Registration
SAT Test Date Registration
Feb. 7 Jan 9 Jan. 24 Dec. 29
April 18 March 13 March 14 Feb. 13
June 13 May 8 May 2

Apr. 6

    June 6 May 8

Note:  For a list of colleges that require or recommend the Optional Writing Component of the ACT, go to

News in Guidance Office

OCIS is now available on-line.  Call the guidance office for the password and web address.   This program can:  help students find colleges that offer the majors they are interested in, determine career goals and abilities, search for scholarships, and much more. OCIS has a new web page address.