Ohio has revamped the PSEO and Dual Credit system and is now calling it CCP. Little has changed from a student/parent perspective. To save confusion, Hardin Northern will still refer to the courses being offered here at HN as Dual credit. Hardin Northern has 7 high school teachers that are adjunct professors for a local university and teaching courses here at Hardin Northern that are for high school AND college credit. These courses are:

HN course titleCollege course titleCollege credits
Literature AppreciationU. of Findlay ENG 1503 semester hours
CalculusU. of Findlay MATH 1414 semester hours
Spanish IVU. of Findlay SPAN 2203 semester hours
Written CommunicationsU. of Urbana ENG 120 and ENG 3208 semester hours
Graphic DesignRhodes CPT 27003 semester hours
3D AnimationRhodes CPT 27703 semester hours
MultimediaRhodes CPT CPT 15803 semester hours
Video EditingRhodes CPT 27603 semester hours
American Gov’t DCRhodes POL 1010 3 semester hours
Computer 8Rhodes CPT 1250 3 semester hours
American History DC to 1877Rhodes HST 1610 3 semester hours
American History DC from 1877 Rhodes HST 1620 3 semester hours
Total hours offered at HN42 semester hours

To take these courses, a student must register for the Hardin Northern course (must meet the prerequisites for the course). There is no cost to the student/parent unless the student fails the course. Student must meet the University’s enrollment criteria.

Students interested in pursuing a degree in technology would be best served by taking Written communications (8 semester hours), Graphic Design (3 semester hours), 3D Animation (3 semester hours), Multimedia (3 semester hours), and Video Editing (3 semester hours) for a total of 20 semester hours toward a degree in technology.

Students interested in pursuing a college degree would be best served by taking Written Communications (8 semester hours), Lit Appreciation (3 semester hours), Calculus (4 semester hours), Government (3 semester hours), Spanish IV (3 semester hours), 2 American History Courses (6 semester hours), and at least one Technology course (3 semester hours) for a total of 30 semester hours toward a degree (transfer).

In addition, as always, students can go TO the college campus and take courses there (large variety of possibilities). This was called Post Secondary Option in the past but is now called CCP. To participate in CCP, students/parents must fill out paperwork by March 30 and submit to Hardin Northern for approval. Once approved, students must then apply to the university of their choice for admittance. See Mr. Wilson for more details.

Click here for a letter from the state describing CCP and resources at your disposal.

Click here for CCP registration forms for 2020-21

Click here for CCP flyer 2020-21