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As a new employee of Hardin Northern School I’m sure you have many questions and are not sure who to ask or where to find the answers.  There are many forms and information necessary before you can be added to our payroll.  I hope you will find this information helpful in answering most of your questions.

You will need to submit the following items before you can be added to the payroll:

  • College transcripts (If position requires)
  • Prior experience from another district (for proper salary placement)
  • State certification or license (if position requires)
  • Bureau of Criminal Investigation and FBI verification
  • Federal and state tax forms
  • Federal I-9 form with the required I.D.’s
  • STRS or SERS retirement paperwork
  • Direct deposit form (required for all full time staff)
  • A signed contract (if applicable)

Our staff is what makes Hardin Northern Local Schools great!  Please feel free to contact me whenever other questions arise.  Welcome to Hardin Northern!

Wesley J. Potter,


Frequently Asked Questions

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