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Dr. Price addresses the Hardin Northern community and gives out some shout outs!

COVID-19 Online Learning Plan
Distance Learning Survey - Week 1
Press Release - 3/20/2020
Press Release - 3/18/2020
Press Release - 3/16/2020
Press Release - 3/15/2020 Meal Plan Message
Press Release - 3/13/2020 Student Events & Meal Options
Message from HS Principal - 3/13/2020
Press Release - 3/12/2020 School Closure
Press Release - 3/11/2020 County Wide Communication
Frequently Asked Questions
ODH Coronavirus FAQ
ODH COVID-19 Guidance K12
CDC COVID-19 Facts
Spectrum is offering free internet services for families for 2 months and waiving the $14.95 install fee for homes where our students live. Parents or guardians need to make the call using one of the following phone numbers:
1-855-261-7300 or 1-855-243-8892