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Hi, Folks.

Weather and calamity days:
We have experienced and are continuing to experience an unusual winter this year. As of this writing, we have missed nine (9) days due to weather related issues. That means we are in the situation of making up four (4) days…if we don’t miss any more. The biggest issue with the number of days we have missed will be if we have to move graduation. We will do everything we can to not move graduation but, if we miss many more days, we may have to.Polar Bear

Also, please have your children dress appropriately for the weather. We have had students riding buses and attending school wearing shorts and t-shirts in very cold weather. If a bus would go into the ditch or simply stop running, this could create a dangerous situation.

The new Hardin Northern Board of Education will have a very big decision to make at its next meeting on February 19th. The Board will be asked to determine the district’s direction as it relates to athletic conferences. This decision has been forced upon the Board because Hardin Northern failed to field a varsity football team in the fall of 2014 and were suspended from the Blanchard Valley Conference for three years. In fact, on January 23, 2014 the Blanchard Valley Conference took an even stronger position and refused to guarantee Hardin Northern’s re-admittance to the conference (by a vote of 9-1 with HN the lone yes vote) even after the three year suspension has ended.
The Board held a series of three community meetings in January to distribute information and listen to the community about the area of athletics. The Board heard a number of great ideas from the community and some have been implemented already, others will take a while and, some, may not be possible. A power point presentation that was used at the community meetings, along with community comments from the meetings, can be found on the Hardin Northern website at www.hn.k12.oh.us .

Community Open Gym:
One of the things we heard from the community meetings was that the community would like to have time when the gym is open for use. Therefore, on Sunday evenings from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm the school will be open to allow community members to use the gyms for volleyball, basketball and we will have the batting cage lowered to allow softball and baseball players to hit. In addition, the hallways in the high school form a square and it will be open for community members to walk. Speaking of walking, we have had a few people come into the school and walk on school days as part of their rehab programs. If you are a Hardin Northern community member and need a warm place to walk you are welcome to check into the office and walk in the competition gym if it is not being used. We simply ask that you walk around the outside of the court and not on the court.


Doug Roberts, Supt.

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By Kyle

I recently asked Mrs. Wilson, the high school librarian, about Teen Read Week™: what it is, and how Hardin Northern celebrates it.

Teen Read Week™ is a product of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) that, she says, “tries to encourage young people to use their local libraries and read for enjoyment rather than just scholastics.”

Teen Read WeekThe program was started in 1998 and Hardin Northern has been a participant for several years now.

Hardin Northern encourages teen reading with a reward system.

Mrs. Wilson explained to me how during the duration of Teen Read Week™ students could earn “Caught Reading” coupons from teachers and turn them in for candy and a chance to win prizes.

These prizes included Hardin Northern spirit items, gift certificates, gift cards, and a beanbag dorm chair.

The chance to win these prizes was meant to encourage students to use free time after lessons were finished and in study halls after completion of assignments to read instead of just talking or daydreaming.

Another thing that Mrs. Wilson told me that happened during Teen Read Week™ was that former Hardin Northern English teacher Nellie Branan paid a visit to the HN Book Club on Wednesday, October 23.

Upon her visit back to Hardin Northern, Mrs. Wilson tells me that Branan talked about the importance of reading and about the book she wrote, Fritzi Finds a

New Home.

When asked what she believed the kids that met Mrs. Branan got out of her visit, Mrs. Wilson, answered, “She encouraged them the evaluate their favorite books for ideas for their own writing.”

Overall, Mrs. Wilson said the week was a success. She had several coupons turned in that showed that students were reading in their spare time, and that is what Teen Read Week™ encourages students to do.


By: McKenzie

Veterans Day is a public holiday held on the anniversary of the end of World War 1 to honor US veterans and victims of all wars.

In 1919, President Wilson named November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day and said the following words: “To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory…”

Veterans Day

Local Veterans who attended the HN Veterans Day Assembly

The first time Veterans Day became a legal holiday was on November 11, 1938. Veterans Day replaced Armistice Day by striking out the word Armistice and replacing it with the word Veterans on June 1,1954 a day to honor veterans of all wars.

At Hardin Northern, we celebrate Veterans Day by inviting veterans to our school to share stories about wars and how being a veteran is important or special to them. This year we had a handful of veterans come visit us. Kyle Lamb welcomed everyone into the assembly and had the six veterans stand for a warm welcoming.

Lukas Schroder started the pledge of allegiance, and Tiffany Breidenbach, Kylee Hooker, Molly Wilson, and Blake Obenour read off several names of the veterans that are still here with us and those who served and have passed away.

In the middle of the assembly, they played a slide show of war photos and veterans from the Hardin Northern community. The fourth grade class sang the song “Thank a Vet” to end the assembly.

     We all should all be thankful for our veterans and servicemen and women, so when you are sitting at home on Thanksgiving and Christmas, think of our veterans and servicemen and women that are out there fighting for our country.


By Brooke
On November 1, 2013, there was a dodgeball tournament held in the varsity gym after the academic awards assembly.

High school students wanting to participate had to bring in $1.00 per person or a canned good. But you had to hurry and sign up because there were to be only 8 teams of 8 people, and the tournament was single elimination.

dodgeball 2013An extra team somehow slipped into the tournament, making there be a game before the actual tournament to see which of the teams would make it into the bracket.

The Smurfs played against the 7th grade boys, resulting in the Smurfs winning that game and making it into the tournament.

The Smurfs stayed on the court, waiting to face the Bears. After the ducking and the dodging, the Smurfs came out of that game with another win!

After their second win in a row, they were asked to take a seat while Donkey Teeth played the Senior Girls- Purple. After 8 minutes of their game, Donkey Teeth won.

The next two teams to play against each other were the 8th Grade Boys and the Junior Class- Black. After the long, hard battle, the Juniors walked off the court with the win.

After their game, Real Tree-Freshman Boys played the Freshman Girls, and the boys got it.

After the elimination round in the brackets, it left the Smurfs playing against Donkey Teeth and the Juniors playing Real Tree.

Smurfs won and so did Real tree, making them play each other in the final round. Real Tree won the HN Dodgeball Tournament of 2013!


By Katie

I decided to interview Jacob, the new foreign exchange student from Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is a neighbor to Iran and Iraq. He lives in a town called Ganja. He said that it’s a lot like Dunkirk but a little bigger.

Jacob He has a younger brother in his home country.

The weirdest thing that he has encountered in the U.S is a long crab type thing.

His school was a little like ours, except the only difference was they didn’t have team sports; they only have club sports. The school that he came from in his country was harder than ours; he said that his school is more like a college. At his old school he was on a swim team.

In his free time he likes to swim and play the guitar.

Jacob said that he likes our school so far and that it’s very friendly and a lot of people have been nice to him. He’s involved with the band and FFA here at

the school.

When he graduates he wants to travel a little before starting a job or school again.

You now know about Jacob.


Dear Hardin Northern Community:

Again, the State of Ohio is changing the way it measures and ranks the performance of public
schools around the state.

The most recent method of measurement on State Grade Cards used six ratings to rank school
performance. Those ratings included: Excellent with Distinction, Excellent, Effective, Continuous
Improvement, Academic Watch and Academic Emergency. As you are aware, Hardin Northern was
rated “Excellent” on our last “grade card”.

Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, the district and school grade cards will be dramatically
changed. Instead of one ranking or rating from the list abo…Read More

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