4th Grade News

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back to Hardin Northern! We hope this letter finds you as refreshed and ready to begin an exciting year as we are. Many of you have heard that the fourth graders travel from teacher to teacher. This year all students will be taught Math and Science by Mr. Sneary and Social Studies and Language Arts by Mrs. Benitez. We would like to take a few minutes to share some of our classroom policies so you will have a better understanding of what is expected of fourth graders.

Discipline and Homework -The intermediate grades (4-6) will be using a point system to administer and track student behavior. Students are given one point at a time for each infraction of the rules or missing homework.

Points and Consequences


2- 10 minutes off recess

3-No recess

4- Phone call home/ Miss a second recess

5- Principal’s office for further disciplinary action

Your child is required to use both the assignment notebooks and black homework folders that they are issued on the first day. They will need to have both of these items with them every day. They will fill out their assignment notebooks before leaving school. We may leave you notes in the notebook to inform you of missing assignments. You may also communicate with us through these. Just make sure your student points this communication out to us. Please initial the assignment notebook each night so we can be sure that your child is informing you of their work. If your child isn’t bringing both of these home each night, please ask them to.

Fourth grade homework is practice of skills the child has already been taught at school. Your child will be given an opportunity, at the end of every day, to get clarification on the assignment, during study hall, before they go home. Any assignment not completed at home and turned in will be completed during recess.

If you have internet access, you can access our 4th grade web page and homework page through the http://hn.k12.oh.us/4thgrade/ website.

Homework is an important part of fourth grade. While there may not always be an actual assignment to turn in, things like studying math facts, spelling words, and vocabulary terms will be necessary in order to be successful.

Absences-When a child is absent, they may take the same number of days to complete their late work as days they miss. However, many times kids are still not feeling well and require more time to catch up. Just send us a note whenever this happens. We are happy to help in any way possible.

Fourth grade is a time of great change. Students must become much more independent than they have been expected to be in the past. Some children require more structure as they make these transitions than others. They will need both your support and ours as they begin to take the reins themselves. On August 31st, at 5:00 pm in Mrs. Benitez’s room, we will be hosting a parent information meeting to further explain the procedures and expectations for fourth graders at Hardin Northern.  Please contact us with any questions, concerns, and ideas that you’d like to share. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your students!


Mr. Sneary and Mrs. Benitez